Business Processes Documented and Up to Date.

Eliminate knowledge silos and keep track of how each process is executed in your business.

Tailored to help your business achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.


Increase in Employee Productivity


Faster Employee Proficiency


Reduction in Support Queries

Having a Business Process “Vault” preserves operational knowledge and adds to your bottom line valuation.  

An embedded solution designed to help companies define, test, approve, and maintain processes. Promoting repeatability, consistency, and adherence to established guidelines. 

Think of the what, where, and how that makes up your business.  They are always evolving and as they evolve, how do people keep up with knowing your latest operational requirements and best practices? 

Properly documented processes build a culture of collaboration and operational efficiency. 

Protection from brain drain from inevitable personnel events. How each person does their job is safe in the vault.

Core Components:

Business Process Vault includes Process Builder and Embedded Worflow

Process Creator

A versatile process automation tool that helps businesses create custom processes with ease for maximum benefits.

Visual Designer

Design tools help companies create a strong brand identity through eye-catching visuals for marketing.

Video Capture

Transparency and accountability boost business performance through better decision-making, fewer errors, and increased productivity and profitability.

Activity Management

Efficient activity management is vital for optimizing workflows, increasing productivity and profits. Investing in it can bring significant positive impacts to overall business trajectory.

Smart Alerts

Smart alerts improve workflows, problem identification, and decision making for businesses through customized and timely notifications of important events and critical deadlines.

Process Documentation

The Business Process Vault is a one-stop-shop for all business process documentation. It provides easy access to process information for employees.

Having documented processes, with links to internal ERP steps, documets and external and resources. Is as important as a pre-flight checklist for a pilot. You know you are not skipping any task.  

Business Process Vault Features:

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