Log a case, upload screenshots and files. A case number will be assigned and you can accompany progress all in one place. If you need credentials, please email and we will get you setup.

This is monitored and cases are created from the email. A case submission will keep all conversations in one place instead of a long email thread, however sometimes an email is the optimal path for where you are.

Sometimes it just cannot wait. We get it and we are here for you. Call and as you know, if something extraordinary comes up, you have your the after-hours protocol to follow - 24/7.
Phone: 770-448-1456

Capable personnel that knows your environment, business processes, and unique business goals will give you the confidence that, when a problem arises, it will be resolved. You need a help desk that not only solves a system issue, but can also discuss possible business process optimizations or suggest a new way of looking at how things are done.

Coming soon!

Support Portal / Ticketing System: a faster way to track and refer to solutions to your business needs.