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The world of eCommerce is rapidly evolving, and the B2B sector is no exception.

The world of eCommerce is rapidly evolving, and the B2B sector is no exception.

As buyers continue to demand frictionless purchasing experiences, and expect instant access, anytime, anywhere, we must ask ourselves, ’are we ready for them’, and if not, what are we going to do about it?

Leveraging new technologies and innovative strategies will be crucial for success in this rapidly changing environment.

Content Management System

Content Management System within the site, makes it easy to run and manage the site. Your internal team can easily address tasks such as product image uploads, managing the eCommerce storefront, customer discount modifications, product description updates, etc. No web development or experience is required.

Custom Designed

All Sites start with your brand in mind. Our design team will create a site to incorporate what you want to project to the market. This allows the freedom to achieve the look and feel you desire for your storefront.

Cloud Platform

All Sites are hosted at a world-class data center to assure the maximum uptime so your business is always online. Even if you ERP is not accessible, your storefront will continue to process orders.

Complex Pricing Supported

Companies can have very complex pricing and discount structures. Pricing could change based on inventory data or activity. Sellers might want discounts applied according to specific customers or order value/volume. You might have tiered prices, new products, and pre-negotiated prices to deal with also. Nomad can handle your most complex pricing structure.

Inventory Visibility

Keeping accurate inventory information on your site is easy with our deep ERP integration. Customers can stay updated on stock levels and can place their orders with confidence. You also have options on how inventory availability is displayed on your site.

Order Processing

Customers will feel confident that their orders will be processed with their pricing. We also provide the ability for your sales team to place orders on their customers behalf or to start a shopping cart and email a link to the customer for final processing.

AR and Accounting Management

What data could you share with your B2B customers?

View open orders & history

Give your customers the ability to do self-service research — view their open and past order history. Allow them to drill down into the details and even see line items.

Track orders & shipments

Cut back on customer service requests — we can allow your customers to look-up shipment records and even track their order based on up to date data in your ERP.

View inventory information & levels

Allow your customers to look-up details about your inventory, including available stock levels.

Research invoices & payments

Give customers access to look up their open and paid invoice history through Nomad Receivables. You could allow them to drill down into the sales orders that are associated with their invoices.

Accept credit card payments

Customers can review their overall Accounts Receivable balances or individual invoices and choose to make a secure payment by Credit Card against either.

Important product functionality for eCommerce

Opus technology solutions provide these essential functions for your business:

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
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