Opus Announces New Technical Sales Lead, Phillip LaFranca

SEPT. 8, 2020

Opus is pleased to officially announce the appointment of Phillip LaFranca as our new Technical Sales Lead. Phillip comes from a strong sales background across multiple verticals including retail, wholesale, and field services, with his strongest background coming from wholesale distribution.

In his spare time, Phillip enjoys driving his car at Autocross events, bowling competitively, and visiting Atlanta’s diverse selection of craft breweries with his friends.

From a professional standpoint, Phillip is a no-nonsense salesman. He has relentlessly pursued the best interests of his client base and does everything he can to find a solution that solves their budget needs, pain points, and business processes.

“I’m ecstatic to have fallen in with a company like Opus,” Phillip said. “With the support we get from our software vendors as well as Opus’ business ethics, I believe this will be a long lasting a fruitful relationship. It remains to be seen how high we can fly, but I can say with confidence that this is only the beginning and that growth is my primary goal.”

That kind of confidence is what we like to see here at Opus. Vali Malkin, President of Opus, was asked his opinion as well on the new hire:

About Opus Integrated Business Systems: OPUS is, at its core, a solutions company. Initially founded as a technology consulting and support organization with a broad scope of I.T. needs, Opus quickly focused on addressing deep needs related to ERP and operations systems. Opus takes pride in helping clients achieve their goals, even when that means overcoming complex challenges that may require process flow assistance and integration of multiple technologies to achieve results.With over 23 years in business, Opus employees and consultants work in collaboration with clients’ teams to achieve the goals set by the objectives and vision of the clients. Learn more at https://opus-is.com/.


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