Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a type of business management software that’s used to collect, store, manage, and interpret all of the data produced from the many activities of a company. Companies use the data consolidated by ERP software in order realize cost-saving efficiencies across the board, which may include faster production and shipment of goods, improved staffing decisions, better customer service, and the list goes on.

In recent years, the use of ERP software has expanded for business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Traditionally, ERP software has been operated by companies on-site, using company infrastructure. However, companies have been increasingly moving to cloud-based ERP software in order to reduce up-front costs and eliminate the need to manage a complicated infrastructure.

With cloud-based ERP software, an ERP software vendor is responsible for the servers, databases, and other infrastructure necessary to keep your ERP software running smoothly behind the scenes. At OPUS, we partner with Acumatica, an industry leader in cloud-based ERP solutions who specializes in manufacturing management systems.

What are the Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Software?

The benefits of cloud-based ERP software include:

  • Access to real-time data: With cloud-based ERP software, employees, contractors, and outside vendors can access vital company data in real-time on any laptop, phone or tablet with an Internet connection. This isn’t always possible with on-site ERP software.
  • Scalability: A company using cloud-based ERP software doesn’t need to worry about scaling up infrastructure to accommodate company growth. The cloud-based ERP software vendor takes on full responsibility for ensuring the ERP software is running and has sufficient capacity to scale quickly.
  • Mobility: Because cloud-based ERP software is hosted in the cloud and not on company premises, there’s no need to transfer physical hardware to a new location should the company ever relocate. Cloud-based ERP software can be accessed from anywhere around the globe where you have an Internet connection.

What are the Differences Between On-Site and Cloud-Based ERP Software?

Both cloud-based and on-site ERP software transform swaths of data into useable information. However, cloud-based ERP software has several advantages over its on-site counterpart. For example, when your company uses a cloud-based ERP solution, you get:

  • Automatic enhancements: The software vendor takes responsibility for updating the ERP software in a way that’s transparent to the end user. If your ERP software is on-site, the maintenance and upgrading tasks fall to your internal IT department.
  • Data security: The vendor handles system security, data backups and disaster recovery, which takes those concerns off of your plate.
  • Cost savings: Implementation is more rapid and less costly since there is no need for up-front investment in enterprise-grade servers, operating systems and other hardware and software.
  • Simplicity: All data produced by the company can be stored in a single database and all information can be reported on a single interface.

Why are Companies Moving to Cloud-Based ERP Software?

Simply put, using cloud-based ERP software, instead of on-site ERP software, enables companies to focus on what they actually do, rather than dealing with the administrative headaches and costs of of maintaining on-site ERP software.

How Can OPUS Improve Your Business with Cloud-Based ERP Software?

Since 1986, OPUS has served as the trusted advisor and technology partner to small and medium-sized businesses. At OPUS, we help our clients successfully evaluate and implement a cloud-based ERP solution to help solve your challenges and meet your business goals.

As a certified partner of Acumatica, OPUS is fully accredited to implement Acumatica Cloud ERP Solutions. OPUS and Acumatica help you achieve a level of optimization that’s only possible once the deep layers of business rules and automations are handled. Together, we deliver a truly born-in-the-cloud modern platform prepared to support your business and scale with your objectives.

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