Powerful data analysis required powerful technology to make is accessible! We generate data all the time. But when you have too much data, you get buried in reports. You might miss important indicators of your business’s health and emerging insights that could inform valuable decisions.

How do you transform data into Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence starts with actionable data visible as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). With dashboards and indicators designed for your operational areas, KPIs give you a clearer picture of your business and help to bring results and improve the company’s performance.

Acumatica is leading businesses into a new golden age of Business Intelligence and KPIs. Find out how in these new whitepapers that are truly worth read. As a leading provider of cloud business management software Opus tailors your Acumatica so you have a complete, real-time view anytime, anywhere of what’s important.

We’re Opus Integrated Business Systems. We offer a wide range of enablement services based on Acumatica Cloud ERP, a truly born-in-the-cloud modern platform for today’s manufacturing and distribution companies.

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