This Playbook suggests — and substantiates its claim — that wholesalers who use distribution metrics can take their business to the next level.

The profit margin for distributors is slim. They face stiff competition, daily challenges, and manufacturers who are dipping their toes into distribution channels. How can they expect to improve their profitability? With business metrics derived from a cloud-based ERP solution.

This Playbook provides distributors with the:

Additionally, the Playbook explains how distributors can align their corporate goals with their departmental metrics, why holistic ERP applications are critical for gathering distribution metrics, and how to act on the metrics once they are defined. Download the complimentary Playbook today and learn how distribution organizations can transform the right way.

"Modern cloud ERP applications like Acumatica provide a rock-solid data foundation with configurable inquiries, actionable reports, personalized dashboards, and insightful data analysis to transform business operations. In addition, custom workflows connect cross-departmental workstreams with collaboration tools."