Chicago, IL – Accuracy and automation in inventory management are more important than ever, which is why OPUS Global Data Solutions, Inc has added EazyStock to their portfolio. Advanced inventory management is a growing concern for supply chain managers, especially as supply chains extend across the globe and are more susceptible to interruptions.

OPUS is a VAR for both Acumatica Cloud ERP and SouthWare ERP as well as an array of other extensions. They service various industries with significant specialization on distribution and manufacturing with added focus on CRM and financials. 

“Our clients on both SouthWare and Acumatica are realizing the importance of advanced inventory management and forecasting capabilities, especially as supply chains are significantly disrupted and demand is drastically changing. EazyStock is a robust inventory optimization solution that works with both ERPs we offer so we can bring inventory optimization to all our clients who need it.”

– Vali Malkin, President & CEO at OPUS Global Data Solutions, Inc.

EazyStock brings statistical demand forecasting, dynamic inventory classification, automated inventory ordering and more with the cloud-based solution. While EazyStock can integrate with any ERP, teh software has a pre-built connector to Acumatica via API and is Acumatica-certified. OPUS has built the integration with SouthWare which will make adoption even easier for OPUS clients on either platform.

“We’re so excited to be working with OPUS to bring inventory optimization to their network. Now more than ever, as supply chains are reeling from the effects of a global pandemic, it’s important that companies save time and money where they can and practice effective inventory management. OPUS is already proving to be ahead of the curve in encouraging their clients to consider automated inventory management.”

– Cheryl Morrow, Channel Manager at EazyStock

With this new partnership, OPUS will now be able to offer their clients in distribution, eCommerce and manufacturing an ERP extension to boost their inventory management processes resulting in reduced excess inventory, increased service levels and a healthier inventory. 

Learn more about OPUS’ and Eazystock’s partnership here!


About OPUS Global Data Solutions: OPUS is, at its core, a solutions company. Initially founded as a technology consulting and support organization with a broad scope of I.T. needs, OPUS quickly focused on addressing deep needs related to ERP and operations systems. OPUS takes pride in helping clients achieve their goals, even when that means overcoming complex challenges that may require process flow assistance and integration of multiple technologies to achieve results.With over 23 years in business, OPUS employees and consultants work in collaboration with clients’ teams to achieve the goals set by the objectives and vision of the clients. Learn more at

About EazyStock: EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution hosted on AWS and can be accessed from any device with an internet browser. The software automates inventory management for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers. EazyStock reduces excess inventory, increases service levels and more with capabilities including statistical demand forecasting, dynamic inventory classification, stock level optimization, automated inventory ordering and advanced supplier management. EazyStock has over 20 years of background through the parent company of Syncron. Learn more at

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