We are excited to kick off our new blog series, which provides crucial ERP evaluation and implementation considerations for senior management personnel. Our goal for this blog is to provide a view into ERP for Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officers.

While an ERP can help manage all aspects of your business and bring your entire team into one single system, our team at Opus Global Data Solutions understands that your needs and concerns will vary depending on your role within the business or organization.

Enhanced Visibility

Many of our clients either come from outdated legacy systems or are stuck managing their businesses with a variety of spreadsheets and disconnected systems. We find that one of the greatest benefits of implementing an ERP is the ability to have access to live data, important to you in your specific role, right at your fingertips! With integrated systems, you get enhanced visibility into all aspects of your business, be they accounting with purchasing through payment, quote to cash, and the operations departments. This enhanced visibility into all areas of your business drives greater analysis and better decision making.

With multiple reporting tools available, our team can work with you to provide the up-to-date information you require as you continually seek to answer questions such as:

  • How can we become more efficient?
  • Are we maintaining profitability?
  • Can we accurately forecast our sales pipeline and supply chain?
  • Do we need to reallocate resources?
  • Are our employees productive and satisfied with their work?

See our video below for a short demonstration of the types of reporting we can provide you and your team.

Prefer Excel? We can help!

No matter how robust and flexible an ERP can be when it comes to reporting, it is inevitable that some users just want to export their data to Excel. Our team understands this reality, but we also want to help you eliminate the time and effort that is required to manually update and maintain your spreadsheets. With this in mind, we often recommend Velixo Reports, an Excel add-in, which embeds into Excel the functionality needed to bring real-time data from your ERP right into your spreadsheets. If you know how to use Excel, you pretty much already know how to use Velixo!

Take a look at our short video below to learn more about this powerful tool.

Automation and Efficiency

Another way we can support you is by identifying the efficiency gains and automation opportunities that are possible with the capabilities offered by a modern platform. Automation within an ERP can take many forms, including automatic notifications (SMS, Mobile Push, Email, Tasks), approval management, and processing schedules throughout the system that can be built with conditions.


The solutions that we offer provide capabilities to manage your purchasing, sales, order fulfillment, production, and field service needs alongside a strong core of financials modules, including AP, AR, and GL. If your team is currently spending a lot of time on manual tasks such as AP billing entry, we would love to help you streamline those workflows and reduce the human effort that is required to stay on good terms with your vendors and maintain adequate cash flow.

See below for an example of how we can empower your Accounts Payable team and boost their efficiency.

We are convinced that nobody enjoys duplicate data entry, so embracing automation will save you time and money, and also delight your staff!


We know that a lot of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the C-Suite executives. If you are interested in learning more about how a modern ERP platform can support your needs and goals, please reach out to learn more or discuss your particular situation. Let us hear your ideas and vision so we can help you determine the next steps in your ERP evaluation.

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