This blog post is the first in a series of six that will focus on digitally transforming your business. We will embed videos and links to resources throughout this series that demonstrate the principles explained here. Today’s marketplace is competitive and challenging, to say the least. Supply-chain issues are causing frustration and delays, it is tough to attract and retain top talent, and consumers expect quality products with quick service. On top of it all, technology continues to change how we buy, sell, and work.

So, what is digital transformation? In essence, it is the process of using modern technology to unleash efficiency and growth so you can succeed and thrive in an evolving digital world. If you are currently stuck on a legacy ERP platform you’ve outgrown, are searching for something that supports easy integrations, or are just frustrated with your complex ERP that makes customization painful and cost-prohibitive, we highly recommend you consider Acumatica ERP as the cloud solution for your business. In this post, we will explore five reasons to choose Acumatica ERP for your digital transformation.

1. Powerfully Integrated Functionality

Acumatica offers a variety of modules that you can choose, based on your requirements, that will help your business thrive in the digital economy. They support thousands of customers with powerful functionality for those in the distribution, manufacturing, retail-commerce, and construction industries. Anchored by a strong core for your financials and reporting, Acumatica can empower you team with cross-module workflows and an intuitive user interface.

We find that customers who are looking for a new business management system are often managing multiple systems that end up acting as disconnected silos of data. Acumatica allows you to bring your data together as one single source of truth, housing all your business processes under one roof. Acumatica can also go beyond the core product and rapidly integrate with the systems you can’t live without through robust open APIs. Users benefit from integrations with the major players in ecommerce, shipping solutions, BI tools, and others available through the Acumatica Marketplace.

The key here is that with Acumatica, you only pay for what you need. Our team at Opus is here to help you evaluate your unique needs and support your goals.

2. Cloud technology for the digital era

One major lesson we all learned from the past two years is the importance of enabling a remote workforce. With cloud technology, your team can easily access Acumatica through their web browser or mobile app from anywhere in the world.

It is important to stress that Acumatica was born in the cloud, not retrofitted for the cloud. In other words, Acumatica is not old technology that was repackaged to work in the cloud. They made the strategic decision to partner with Amazon Web Services, the best in the business, for hosting the public SaaS. As a result, Acumatica users benefit from excellent trailing up time, so you can get your work done without delays.

While other cloud ERP providers offer their public cloud as the only deployment option, Acumatica gives you choices. Host your data in AWS, a private cloud, or on-premises. This flexibility is important as your business grows and needs change.

3. AI and Machine Learning

Acumatica’s cloud platform makes it easy to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities throughout the ERP. So what does this look like for the average user? For starters, help documentation is ranked and presented to users based on their prior actions within the system. Acumatica also works to notify users of potential input errors, sparing you the aggravation of incorrect data.

Acumatica speeds up your AP workflow by allowing you to automatically create an AP bill from your email via the Outlook integration, or by uploading a PDF. See it in action! Acumatica will recognize the fields in your document and populate the data in Acumatica. Another impressive feature, which can simplify your bank reconciliations, is the system’s ability to predict matches between bank transactions and book transactions.

So what does this enhanced functionality mean for you when you are on the go? Easily snap pictures of business cards or expense receipts on your mobile device and create records from those images in your ERP!

4. Superior Usability

Technology is all about empowering your team to reach their highest potential. With the right tools, your staff can boost their productivity and growth. Acumatica was once again rated as the clear leader in usability by Nucleus Research. We know that high usability means users can work smarter, not harder.

Acumatica boasts low code, no code personalization that allows users to personalize their experience without any programming knowledge. Skip the development delays by configuring your own dashboard that conveys the information you need on a daily basis in a visually appealing format. Personalize your table views, create dynamic filters, and add side panels for easy data entry. Acumatica’s unlimited user license model provides all your employees the ability to perform their jobs well with the data they need.

Acumatica also makes working on the go easy with the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app connects to Acumatica in real time, providing the most up-to-date information alongside the native functionality of your mobile device. Why not empower your employees to use the technology they are familiar with to become more efficient?

5. A cutting edge product with happy customers

Acumatica is the fastest-growing cloud ERP company for good reason. While other software vendors allocate significant resources to sales and marketing, Acumatica dedicates roughly 75% of their staff to research and development. Simply put, they are singularly focused on being the best cloud ERP solution.

Much of Acumatica’s success stems from their industry leading customer bill of rights, which promises transparency in pricing, complete ownership and access to your data, consistent service, and an effective partnership channel that leverages the benefits of partners like Opus who can guide you through your implementation.


Are you ready to begin your digital transformation journey and join over 8,000 companies and organizations that have chosen Acumatica ERP? Our Acumatica Certified team at Opus can help you evaluate and implement this adaptable cloud ERP solution to solve your challenges and meet your business goals. Please schedule a no-obligation call with us or request a demo.

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