Stone Slab Industry

ERP software solutions for businesses in the stone slab industry

Each slab in your inventory is a valuable, natural product. Each slab is unique. When your customers ask for a specific color name, do you know which of your slabs will be a close match? Your customers are all looking for just the right shade and pattern… and you want to respond quickly and accurately. 

You need complete, detailed, up-to-the-minute information on all of your slabs: what’s available, reserved or committed; how many are left of a bundle; and so on. At Opus, we’ve considered the special needs of the Stone and Slab industry carefully and developed the Slab & Stone Adaptor.

Opus Custom Solutions

OPUS Stone & Slab Adaptor

The Slab & Stone Adaptor by Opus is an intuitive tool that’s built on the SouthWare Excellence Series ERP so that you can take advantage of SouthWare’s strengths: a mature, integrated, and comprehensive business solution that makes the organizing, accessing and processing of essential business information easy.

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